Seagate plans to launch 32TB HAMR HDD in 2023Q1

Seagate had previously indicated that the capacity of their final CMR/PMR product was to be capped at 24TB, while their SMR product is expected to reach 28TB. In the financial report released last week, Seagate announced plans to launch the industry’s first hard drive utilizing second-generation Heat-Assisted Magnetic Recording (HAMR) technology by early 2024, with the ambition to exceed 40TB by 2025.

According to TomsHardware, Seagate’s CEO Dave Mosley stated in a conference call with financial analysts and investors that the capacity per platter with the second-generation HAMR technology will be increased to 3TB, starting the product offerings at over 30TB. These products can be flexibly configured with either CMR or SMR. The initial phase of customer qualification is proceeding smoothly, and Seagate is on track to meet the benchmarks for reliability and production volume.

The drives incorporating second-generation HAMR technology will feature ten platters and are equipped with new, enhanced laser-assisted writing heads, among other improvements. The first model, boasting a capacity of 32TB, is set to begin mass production in early 2024, which is slightly later than previously projected for 2023. Seagate believes it is crucial to ensure that the second-generation HAMR drives meet design and production criteria while also being compatible with the power requirements of existing infrastructure.

Seagate’s product development over the next few years is largely in line with the expectations set forth in their original roadmap. The rollout of HAMR technology drives represents a competitive differentiator, with emerging cloud demand trends already beginning to burgeon—an aspect that will become increasingly paramount.