Seagate Osprey 22TB hard drive has been verified

Seagate confirmed in an earnings call with analysts and investors in January that it has supplied 22TB hard drives to some interested partners to serve hyperscale data centers. Western Digital has also recently started sampling new 22TB and 26TB hard drives to select hyperscale cloud providers to further increase density and reduce data center total cost of ownership (TCO). With the development of hard disk manufacturers, 22TB or more hard disks are getting closer and closer to ordinary consumers.

Recently, a Seagate Osprey (STL022) hard drive has appeared on the SATA-IO integrator list, which means that the hard drive has passed the SATA interoperability test. Its part number is STxxxxxNM0092-3CX103. In fact, the capacity cannot be seen, but given that the Seagate Exos X20 20TB hard drive uses the STL020 encoding, it means that the STL022 is very likely to be 22TB capacity. Seagate has not released the Exos X22 yet, but according to the content and plans disclosed in the past, it is no surprise to launch a 22TB model this year.
SATA-IO oversees the development and adoption of Serial ATA technology, regularly conducting interoperability testing of existing and upcoming hardware to ensure compliance with the specification and compatibility with other SATA devices. However, many PC and server OEMs will require SATA drives and controllers to pass SATA-IO interoperability tests before they can be used. As a result, new SATA devices appear on SATA-IO’s integrators list months before actual availability.