Sapphire launched the NITRO+ series of integrated water-cooled radiators

Sapphire announced the launch of the NITRO+ series integrated water-cooling radiator, expanding the product line of CPU radiators. There are two products in this series, namely NITRO+ S360-A AIO CPU Cooler and NITRO+ S240-A AIO CPU Cooler, which correspond to products of 360 and 240 specifications.

Sapphire’s NITRO+ series integrated water-cooled radiator uses Asetek’s seventh-generation cold head, compared with the previous solutions, it is more efficient and reliable, and it is also equipped with an external temperature sensor function, which can monitor the temperature at all times to adjust the pump speed to ensure the stability of the system. The sapphire blade axial fan (NITRO+ Hybrid Fan Blade) is matched with the seventh-generation cold head of Asetek. Compared with the traditional down-pressure fan, the wind pressure is higher but the noise is lower. Sapphire said that in internal tests, the blade axial fan can lower the temperature by 4 degrees celsius and reduce the noise by 5 decibels than traditional fans.

The NITRO+ series integrated water-cooling radiator supports ARGB lighting effects. Whether it is a unique spider web-shaped cold head or a blade axial fan, it has beautiful lighting effects. Users can also connect more ARGB devices through the motherboard’s ARGB control interface or other lighting effect synchronization accessories to create their own unique lighting effects.

NITRO+ series all-in-one water-cooled radiators support Intel LGA 115x/1200/1700/20xx platforms and AMD’s AM4 platform, covering the current mainstream platforms.