Samsung to upgrade the Smart Monitor product line and provide more models

Samsung announced that it will upgrade its Smart Monitor product line. Samsung will provide more models of different sizes and designs to bring more and better new features, and it will be available globally. The new product line will include the new 43-inch M7 series (UHD resolution), which can provide higher work efficiency and an immersive entertainment experience. In addition, the M5 series (FHD resolution) will provide 24-inch, 27-inch, and 32-inch models, with a more stylish design, and white will be added as an optional color.

Image: Samsung

The Smart Monitor series is a new product line released by Samsung in November 2020, providing consumers with displays that can take care of work, study, and entertainment at home. In the Smart Monitor series products, it provides various features such as integrated media and productivity applications, multi-function connections, built-in speakers, and provides connection functions including USB Type-C port and Bluetooth 4.2. Users can use Tap View, Mirroring, or Apple AirPlay 2 to quickly connect to personal mobile devices. Samsung DeX allows users to enjoy a complete desktop experience by connecting the display to the mobile device.

Smart Monitor M7 (43 inches) is the flagship model. It can not only be used as a work device but also has a built-in entertainment center. It not only provides 4K resolution and HDR 10 but also is equipped with speakers, which can provide users with immersion in learning and entertainment experience. Smart Monitor M7 (24 inches) is a new style launched by Samsung, which not only lowers the threshold of this series of products but also has a more favorable price. The smaller size also caters to the needs of some users.

As part of Samsung’s long-term sustainability plan, Samsung has provided an integrated solar remote control made of renewable plastic material on the Smart Monitor M7 (43 inches), which can be charged through sunlight, light, or USB-C connection for charging to achieve greater environmental benefits. Other types of remote controls are partially made of renewable plastics to reduce carbon emissions.