Samsung supplies OLED panels to LG for the first time

LG officially announced that LG Gram 2023 will start pre-sale on January 31. At the CES 2023 exhibition earlier this month, LG released new Ultraslim and Style products, that are equipped with Intel’s 13th generation Core mobile processor, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 4GB mobile graphics card, and PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSD and other components. This series of products combines portability and multi-function well and has a thin, light, and stylish appearance, bringing an excellent experience to users who carry it around.

Gram + view 16MQ70 portable monitor

Among them, the thinnest LG Gram Ultraslim (model 15Z90RT) weighs only 998g and is only 10.99mm thick. Equipped with a 15.6-inch OLED screen with an anti-glare low-reflection (AGLR) coating, it is a laptop for ultimate portability. LG Gram Style provides 16-inch (model 16Z90RS) and 14-inch (model 14Z90RS) models, equipped with a 16:10 OLED screen, supports high refresh rate, Thunderbolt 4 and Dolby Atmos, etc.

According to The Elec, the OLED screen used by LG Gram Style comes from its competitor Samsung, which is a rigid OLED panel. Compared with flexible OLED panels using plastic substrates, rigid OLED panels using glass substrates will be cheaper and are produced by Samsung’s A2 factory, mainly for IT products such as mid-range smartphones and notebook computers.

Although LG also produces OLED panels, its advantage lies in large-sized products, such as used in TVs, while Samsung’s advantage lies in the small and medium-sized OLED panels required for relatively small-sized products such as smartphones.

It is understood that this is also the first time that Samsung has provided OLED panels to LG.