Samsung has established a research and development organization in Silicon Valley

According to the South Korean media outlet BusinessKorea, Samsung has inaugurated a new research and development institution in Silicon Valley to amplify its competitive edge in the realm of next-generation semiconductors.

A confidant from the investment banking sector unveiled that on May 12th, under the aegis of the Silicon Valley-based Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT), Samsung Electronics established a next-generation semiconductor R&D entity named “Samsung Federal Inc”. This institution operates under the purview of Samsung’s US-based semiconductor subsidiary, Device Solutions Americas (DSA). Connoisseurs in the field speculate that this maneuver is Samsung’s riposte to the escalating market uncertainties arising from a global economic downturn and geopolitical tensions.

Samsung Foundry Vision

However, the present landscape appears less than propitious for Samsung. Amidst a flagging global economy, Samsung Electronics is grappling with a slump in the semiconductor arena. A recent report from an international research agency reveals that Samsung Electronics’ market share in the DRAM sector for the first half of the year stands at a mere 41.9%, witnessing a decline of 1.6 percentage points from last year’s 43.5%. While they retain market primacy, this represents Samsung’s nadir in nearly nine years, second only to the first half of 2014’s 38.9%.

Confronting the continuous decline in the semiconductor market, Samsung appears resolute in bolstering its technical prowess. By instituting this new R&D establishment, they aim to adeptly harness the global semiconductor infrastructure, including the US, aspiring for ascendancy in the worldwide semiconductor rivalry.