Samsung and NEXON collaborate to launch the first HDR10+ game

Samsung proudly announces the global launch of the pioneering game supporting HDR10+ technology, christened ‘The First Descendant’. This magnum opus stands as the inaugural game to harness the full prowess of the HDR10+ gaming standard, promising aficionados the most tactile, accurate, and seamless HDR gaming experience to date. Crafted with finesse by the esteemed developers at NEXON, the game made its grand debut at the 2023 Gamescom in Cologne.

Samsung expressed immense delight in collaborating with NEXON, a vanguard in the realm of video gaming, to unveil the world’s premier HDR10+ game, ‘The First Descendant’. This collaboration signifies more than a mere technological stride; it epitomizes Samsung’s unwavering commitment to elevating the gaming experience in tandem with technological evolution. The HDR10+ GAMING technology heralds a new epoch in gaming, offering players an unparalleled HDR experience through enhanced color depth, contrast, and luminosity. Gamers can discern minute details with impeccable clarity amidst dark shadows and luminous highlights, immersing themselves wholly into the game’s enthralling odyssey.

Enhanced by HDR10+, the game obviates the need for tedious manual setting adjustments. Moreover, it boasts low latency and a variable refresh rate, resulting in near-instantaneous responsiveness that augments the gameplay. Simultaneously, it offers developers a gold standard for ensuring a consistent and reliable HDR gaming experience across all HDR10+ compliant displays.

It’s noteworthy that in 2018, Samsung, in collaboration with other corporate giants, established HDR10+ Technologies LLC. They graciously made its offerings freely accessible, positioning HDR10+ as a complimentary alternative to Dolby Vision. With this strategic move, Samsung expedited the evolution of the HDR10+ ecosystem, which presently boasts 155 collaborators and an impressive roster of over 7,000 certified devices.

Open beta testing for ‘The First Descendant’ is slated for September 19, 2023, offering gamers worldwide a taste of the game’s hyper-realistic HDR mechanics.