Russia launches RuStore app store to replace Google Play Store

Recently, Google has banned Russian users from downloading and updating paid apps through Google Play Store, but free apps can continue to be downloaded and updated. At the same time, Google also announced the bankruptcy of its Russian branch because the company’s accounts were frozen and assets were seized, but free services continued to be provided to Russian users. Recently, the Russian social network giant VK has launched the Russian version of the application store RuStore.

The social networking company said the RuStore app store was created as part of a response by Russian government departments to create various alternative services. After the creation of alternative services, Russia does not have to rely on services provided by American and European companies, and Russia has been sanctioned by the United States and the European Union. For example, Russia is currently facing a severe shortage of storage space after the retreat of cloud computing companies, and financial sanctions make it impossible for Russian bank cards to pay for international services.

After Intel and AMD stopped supplying Russia, Russia faced a serious shortage of chips, and even Russia allowed traders to purchase goods through parallel channels. Therefore, it is naturally necessary to prepare an alternative app store, but this can only take effect on the Android platform, and Apple users cannot use it.

The RuStore app store currently contains only 100 applications, most of which are provided by Russian government agencies or public service agencies.
Via: Reuters