RTX 4070 SUPER Crushes PS5 Framerates

Recently, Digital Foundry released a video comparing the performance of the RTX 4070 SUPER and the PlayStation 5, using in-game frame rate tests to gauge the differences in graphical computing power. The conclusion drawn is that the RTX 4070 SUPER’s performance is approximately twice as strong as that of the PS5.

The video begins with a comparison using “Cyberpunk 2077,” where the PS5’s graphics settings are in “Performance Mode.” In this mode, the PS5 benefits from FSR 2 and dynamic resolution technology, although the image resolution can drop to as low as 1008P. Despite this, the PS5 manages to maintain a stable frame rate of 60FPS. In contrast, the RTX 4070 SUPER, under similar graphics settings, can push the game’s frame rate to 120FPS, often outperforming the PS5, especially when DLSS3 is enabled. Similar scenarios are observed in “Hitman 2” and “A Plague Tale: Requiem,” where the RTX 4070 SUPER averages twice the frame rate of the PS5 under equal settings. However, this advantage is not as pronounced in “The Last of Us: Part I,” where the PS5’s frame rate hovers between 35-38FPS, while the RTX 4070 SUPER averages close to 50FPS.

However, PC gamers paying a higher price receive a significantly enhanced gaming experience, especially when combined with DLSS 3, which doubles the frame rate. Although the upcoming PS5 Pro by Sony may narrow the performance gap, historical trends in gaming console development suggest that the RTX 4070 SUPER will maintain its performance lead over gaming consoles for a considerable time.