ROG Ally X Doubles Down on Memory: 24GB & Blazing-Fast LPDDR5X

ASUS has previously confirmed the release of an upgraded version of the ROG Ally handheld, known as the ROG Ally X, set to debut on June 2nd, coinciding with Computex 2024. This model features a black exterior, the same Ryzen Z1 Extreme processor, and display, but with modifications to the MicroSD card reader position, as well as improvements to the battery and storage.

According to MysteryLupin, the ROG Ally X handheld will come equipped with 24GB of memory, a 50% increase over the previous model’s 16GB. Rumors suggest that the ROG Ally X will utilize LPDDR5X-7500, which is faster than the ROG Ally’s LPDDR5-6400. The higher memory bandwidth is expected to further enhance the performance of the device’s integrated GPU.

ROG Ally X price

As previously mentioned, the ROG Ally X is not an entirely new device but rather an upgraded version of the existing ROG Ally. ASUS has focused on improving the shortcomings of the original model, making the device more rational in design and usability. The ROG Ally X will only be available in black to distinguish it from the older model, with some ergonomic optimizations for better handling.

Additionally, the ROG Ally X is priced at $799 and will only be available in the Ryzen Z1 Extreme version. The screen remains a 7-inch FHD@120Hz display, and storage is upgraded to a 1TB SSD (supporting M.2 2280 specifications). Due to the larger battery, which is over 40% bigger, the new product’s weight will slightly increase, with rumors suggesting a full-charge battery life of up to 8 hours, marking a significant improvement.