Reports say Apple will announce at least 18 new products next

During this year’s WWDC 2023, Apple unveiled a 15-inch MacBook Air, a new Mac Studio, and a new Mac Pro with an Apple Silicon processor, along with its first virtual visual headgear, the Vision Pro. Following these announcements, Bloomberg News reporter Mark Gurman has compiled a list of 18 expected forthcoming products from Apple.

Included are four iPhone 15 models, anticipated to adopt a USB-C port in response to European Union policies, which may also result in more distinct segmentation between standard and Pro models. The successor to last year’s iPhone 14 Plus may potentially become the iPhone 15 Max, continuing to feature a 6.7-inch screen design. Whether there will be significant differentiation from the standard iPhone 15 remains unconfirmed.

The MacBook Air is expected to be upgraded with a new processor specification and identified by the product codes ‘J613’ and ‘J615’, seemingly maintaining a 13-inch design without a 15-inch version, probably differentiating only in processor specifications, with the 15-inch version likely postponed until 2023 for an update.

For the MacBook Pro, a new 13-inch model is projected with the code ‘J504’, and a 14-inch model is likely to introduce a Max specification variant, coded ‘J514’, while the product code for a 16-inch version would be ‘J516’.

Regarding the new iMac models, two 24-inch versions are to be launched with product codes ‘J433’ and ‘J434’, and a 30-inch iMac is also anticipated.

The Apple Watch is set to introduce new models ‘N207’ and ‘N208’, expected to correspond to different sizes of the Apple Watch Series 9, while a watch coded ‘N210’ may be the new Apple Watch Ultra.

For the iPad, a new iPad Air with an M2 processor is projected with the product code ‘J507’, and the new iPad Pro is likely to have product codes ‘J717’ and ‘J720’, with the latter possibly being the first 16-inch design for the iPad Pro.

In terms of launch dates, the new iPhone 15 series, new Apple Watch Series 9, and new Apple Watch Ultra are expected to be announced this autumn. The new iPad Air and iPad Pro are likely to be released this October.

The new MacBook Air is forecasted to be launched between this October and spring 2024, with the new MacBook Pro also potentially delayed until spring 2024. As for the new iMac, it is predicted to make its earliest appearance by the end of this year.