Report: Gamers are adopting Windows 11 more slowly

It has been half a year since the official launch of the Windows 11 operating system, with a brand-new interface, more functions, and optimizations, plus Windows 10 can be directly upgraded for free, originally, as long as the computer meets the hardware requirements, everyone may wish to upgrade to experience Windows 11, but for gamers, they are currently not too accepting of Microsoft’s new generation of Windows operating system.

Arstechnica noticed that when Windows 10 was just launched, Microsoft proudly announced the number of millions of installed systems, but when it comes to Windows 11 this time, it seems to keep silent about how many users have upgraded to the new generation system. To this end, Arstechnica collected operating system survey data on the Steam platform and found that the upgrade activity of Windows 11 at least on the side of gamers is much lower than the performance of the previous Windows 10 replacement period.

As of March 2022, only 16.84% of gamers on Steam have upgraded to Windows 11, and 74.69% still stick to Windows 10, but going back to the data in December 2015, that is, 6 months after the launch of Windows 10, 31.25% of Steam players have upgraded to the new system, which is significantly faster than today’s Windows 11.

There are many reasons why players don’t love Windows 11. Among them, Microsoft’s mandatory TPM certification on the new generation system this time will be one of the big reasons. Furthermore, gamers may need a mature system environment, and they will be concerned about the compatibility and stability of the new system.