Fri. Aug 14th, 2020

Red Hat changed the logo for the first time in 20 years

1 min read

Red Hat has renewed its logo, the first major update to the Red Hat brand in the last 20 years. A well-known open source solution provider from Red Hat was acquired by IBM last year for $34 billion. The new logo design is still a red hat, but the original “shadow guy” is removed.


Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Red Hat, Tim Yeaton explains with some killer context:

“The new logo reflects Red Hat’s evolution—from a scrappy upstart “sneaking” into data centers with boxed copies of a Linux-based operating system (not to mention mugs and t-shirts) to the world’s leading provider of open source solutions […]. We’ve truly stepped out of the shadows.”

Red Hat’s blog post details the origin and evolution of the new logo. Red Hat hopes that when customers see this new, more modern logo, they can clearly recognize the brand image that Red Hat wants to show – open culture, co-creation, dedication, and commitment that can solve the world’s biggest technological challenges.