Reasons Why Elden Ring Is Worth Every Penny

FromSoftware is known for developing some of the best games of all time. Most of you know them as the developers of the Dark Souls series. Every game has heard the name of this series at least once, and this is enough to tell how good it is. This year, FromSoftware released yet another masterpiece, Elden Ring.

Elden Ring was announced in 2019, and since then, players have been eagerly waiting for it to arrive. Everyone knew that FromSoftware is going to do something big with the game as the previous Souls games were a success. Each part of the series was well-received by players, and it was only obvious for Elden Ring to surpass all of them. And finally, during the last week of February, Elden Ring was released. As expected, the game managed to amaze everyone, including fans of the popular World of Warcraft MMORPG. Speaking of this game, you should check out the World of Warcraft Boost if you’re currently playing it.

Elden Ring is a combination of the previous Souls game. The devs have combined all elements and put them into a single video game. You get to experience everything you previously did in them but in a better way. The world of Elden Ring is huge, and there is a lot for you to explore. If you still haven’t gotten the game, we recommend you should. In our post, we are going to explain why the game is worth every single penny.

Massive Open-World

To begin with, FromSoftware has done a remarkable job with the world of Elden Ring. I mean, I haven’t seen such an amazing and huge open-world environment. The best part is that there are multiple locations for you to explore, and each location is filled with unique enemies. There are different zones that should be visited only when you have reached a certain rank, as you’ll get eliminated instantly otherwise. There also exists a snow area called Mountain Tops of the Giant, and it’s breathtaking. No matter where you go on the map, you will never get tired of the view.

Powerful Bosses

FromSoftware is well known for introducing powerful bosses in their games, and they haven’t disappointed us in Edlen Ring as well. I will be lying if I say the bosses are easy to take down. Sure, some of them aren’t a headache and you’ll be able to eliminate them without breaking a sweat. But most of them are going to prove to be troublesome and they won’t go down without putting on a good show. There are more than 100 of them that you need to take down. Some are optional, while you’ll meet the rest as you’re progressing through the game’s story.

Great Story

The story of Elden Ring is beyond amazing. The developers did an amazing job of creating such an interesting and engaging story. A lot of people don’t know this, but Elden Ring has a total of six endings to offer. Each one is different from the other, and some of them are going to make you extremely disappointed. The type of ending you’ll get will depend on the choices you’ll make while progressing through the story.

The story is also filled with amazing characters. Some of them are going to be your friends, while others will be your foes. However, no matter what you do, you will never get bored of the story as you will always stay eager to know what will happen next.

Great Range of Weapons

The thing which I personally love about Elden Ring is the number of weapons it lets you choose from. There are multiple categories of weapons available, and within each category, you’ll find a good number of weapons. I personally loved to carry around Daggers for two reasons. First, they are quick. Second, I’m someone who loves to get up close and personal with my enemies, and Daggers are perfect for this. If you’re a fan of ranged weapons, Elden Ring also has plenty of bows to offer. There are also some heavy weapons that are slow in movement but pack a massive punch.

Challenging Enemies

Regular enemies are also something not to be messed with. I ended up making the mistake of thinking that I need to only care about bosses, and I was wrong. When I first started playing the game, I saw a small crowd of enemies and I wasted no time in going near them. Well, to my surprise, I only managed to kill a single one of them as the rest of them treated me like a soccer ball. Within seconds, they eliminated me. From this point onwards, I knew that there is a threat at every corner of Elden Ring, and only fools will let their guard down while exploring the map.


These were a few of the many reasons why you should purchase Elden Ring without thinking. The game is a masterpiece, and everyone should try it, especially fans of RPGs. There isn’t any other RPG that can come close to Elden Ring at the moment. Fans are currently eagerly waiting to see what FromSoftware is going to work on next. Is it going to be Elden Ring 2? Or are they going to come up with a new title this time? All we can do is wait and see what the future has in store for us.