Razer releases Seiren V2 Pro/V2 X

Razer announced that its professional-grade live microphone series has launched two new products, namely Seiren V2 Pro and Seiren V2 X. Razer said that the new Seiren V2 series can become an important core of any streaming media application, providing advanced function settings in dynamic and condenser microphones to capture realistic and natural audio.

Seiren V2 Pro is a 30mm dynamic microphone with 20 Hz low-frequency response and 24bit bit depth, providing excellent dynamic range and high-precision audio. At the same time, the built-in shock absorber and microphone blowout cover can effectively reduce the noise during vibration. Equipped with volume, gain, and mute buttons, allowing users to control more conveniently.

This microphone provides rich and powerful vocals, giving a full and warm sound, which can have an effect similar to that of a professional DJ, making the audience intoxicated. It has a built-in high-pass filter and analog gain limiter to ensure that the microphone captures the sound the user wants, and filters out background noise and vibrations, with powerful noise suppression capabilities.

Seiren V2 X is an improved product on the popular Seiren X. It is a 25mm condenser microphone. The 25mm capacitive diaphragm chamber used is very sensitive and can capture sound in a highly accurate way. The higher-frequency sound performance is particularly good, making the listener sound real and full. The super-cardioid pickup mode can focus on capturing the sound, while effectively suppressing the noise from the back and side, and avoiding the background sound, making the sound clearer and more thorough. The analog gain limiter can automatically prevent clipping distortion and peaks, avoiding sound distortion.

Users can use the mixing module in the Razer Synapse software to perform audio control and custom settings and adjust the audio input/output. The Seiren V2 Pro and the Seiren V2 X have been released. The official suggested retail prices are $149.99 and $99.99 respectively.