Razer launches Naga V2 Pro gaming mouse

Razer announced the launch of the Razer Naga V2 Pro and Razer Naga V2 HyperSpeed ​​gaming mouse. This is a product specially designed for MMO and battle royale game types, with performance upgrades and functional iterations.

Launched in 2009, the original Naga product set a new standard for functionality and control with an innovative multi-button side panel, pioneering the MMO, Battle Royale, FPS, and more. The new Naga V2 Professional Edition continues the fine tradition of the series while retaining the classic ergonomic shape design while focusing on the functions that MMO players care about most.

Naga V2 Pro comes with three interchangeable side panels, up to 19+1 mappable keys, 22 programmable key controls, HyperScroll Pro scroll wheel, HyperSpeed ​​wireless technology, Focus Pro 30K optical sensor, 3rd generation optics mouse jog, and a range of charging and connectivity options. If you pay attention to the mouse recently launched by Razer, you will not be unfamiliar with some features. Like other Razer mouse, players can customize settings through the Razer Synapse Thundercloud 3 driver, with subtle customization to meet extreme needs.

The Naga V2 Professional Edition provides three connection methods, 2.4GHz HyperSpeed ​​wireless connection, Bluetooth, and USB wired connection, and also comes with a SpeedFlex ultra-flexible Type-C cable. Battery life is around 150 hours in HyperSpeed ​​wireless mode and 300 hours in Bluetooth mode. In addition, the Naga V2 Pro is also compatible with the Razer Mouse Dock Pro and charging module, and the HyperSpeed ​​Wireless USB Receiver supports multi-device wireless connectivity.