Quick Guide to Sneaker Servers

So you have set up your sneaker bot, chosen the best proxies, and located the needed drops via your cook group. Everything has fallen into place, so it should guarantee a successful copping session. Right?

Well, some unexpected factors might still come into play. Slow connection or device, accidental downtimes, or incompatible software might still stop you. Sneaker servers help minimize these factors, so let’s take a quick look at whether you need one.

Defining sneaker servers

Sneaker servers are fast and powerful remote machines dedicated to the task of running sneaker bots and connecting to sneaker sites. Apart from that, they don’t differ much from ordinary servers and can also be run remotely from a home computer or even a mobile phone.

The chances of successfully copping sneakers highly increase if you run your bots on a server. They are based in high-end data centers with the best hardware, internet connection, and staff overseeing them. In other words, they are like supercomputers that you can use for your own needs.

Anyone who has ever run a bot knows that computing power, in particular RAM, is essential to its speed. Sneaker servers are equipped with large amounts of RAM, so you won’t need to rely on the power of your own device.

Additionally, sneaker servers are adapted for work with sneaker websites because of their location. While it isn’t a top priority for other tasks of servers, it is essential for sneaker copping. A good location gives you an edge against other sneakerheads because being nearer to sneaker websites servers means you can be faster in connecting.

Types of sneaker servers

Now that we have defined what is a sneaker server, we can cover the main types of them. As they are rather similar to usual servers, there aren’t many types of them, and they differ mostly by the available providers.

Amazon Web Services is the dominant provider of servers for sneaker copping. Their servers are the fastest and cover most locations. Their pricing plans are quite flexible and charge an hourly or monthly fee for using their servers. However, the costs can get quite high if you use the server for a longer time.

Google Cloud is another great option, more suited for those that just got started. The servers are a bit slower than Amazon’s, but the pricing will not hurt your wallet as much. They also charge hourly or monthly fees for using the servers.

Dedicated sneaker servers are sold only for the whole month and come from providers dedicated to sneaker copping. Setting up these servers is a bit more difficult, and, due to pricing, they are worth it only when your copping game is already advanced.

All of these services will require you to create a virtual machine server. Such a machine will allow you to use the server and run an operating system that can support your sneaker bot. Most bots run on Windows OS, so it will be needed on the server.

Your own PC will be able to connect through a remote desktop connection, but an iOS and Android app are also available if mobile is what you prefer. Your device specifications won’t matter but make sure that the server has at least 8 Gbs of RAM and 4 CPU cores before buying.

Benefits of sneaker servers

Speed matters the most in sneaker copping, and you will definitely get it with sneaker servers. Most sites are very competitive, and the first bot to checkout sneakers takes them to this owner.

You might think that your own connection is fast, but servers can reach up to 10 GB/s, while home connections average 300 MB/s and below. Speed is reinforced by a nearby location, and with this mix, you can save every millisecond.

Stability is a close second in priorities for sneaker copping and is also covered with a sneaker server. Unexpected downtime of your internet connection or device can make you lose the wanted drop and lose money.

It is unlikely that you will be able to manage and maintain your connection with the same reliability as dedicated providers. It’s pointless to compete with them, so better be on their side.

Using multiple bots at once is not meant for every device and most successful copping campaigns require just that. We already mentioned that sneaker servers are like supercomputers, so there will not be any issues in performance.

Autonomy is a somewhat unexpected benefit of sneaker servers. Most of us like to wait and watch whether our bot will be successful in purchasing the needed sneakers. Sneaker server allows us to leave the bot to its own course, and we do not need to be online for it to work.

When is a sneaker server needed, and when it isn’t?

If you are using a Macbook but your bot requires Windows. Some sneaker bots support macOS, but most will not work properly. Even if you install Windows on your Apple device, it can lower the performance. Running a sneaker server is a better idea.

With a slow device or a bad internet connection, the sneaker server is a game-changer. The more bots you run, the better performance of your device and internet is required. An additional benefit is that the bot won’t stop running when you are away.

Both scenarios apply when you target websites that function by the first-come, first-served principle. However, many sneaker vendors implement a raffle-like system that randomizes the purchasing process and gives a possibility to buy sneakers to a selected few.

Such a process undermines the speed that sneaker bots and servers bring to the table. If all the drops you aim for are happening by raffle rules, a sneaker server won’t be much use for you.


Although sneaker servers are not a mandatory tool, most sneakerheads find a good use for them. They provide a good amount of stability and an upper hand in speed. I’m sure they will help you too.