Qualcomm wants to return to the server market

Qualcomm’s chips are mainly used in mobile devices, mainly smartphones. Over the past few years, Qualcomm has been trying to break the limitations of chips and establish new markets. Qualcomm has tried to enter the server and notebook computer markets, but they have not been successful. The server market has long been silent, and the cooperation with Microsoft in the notebook computer market seems to be less effective.
NUVIA technology

According to Bloomberg, Qualcomm plans to return to the server market. On the one hand, it will reduce its dependence on the smartphone market, and on the other hand, the server market has higher profits. In 2014, Qualcomm announced the development of CPUs for the server market. In 2017, it released the Centriq 2400, which has 48 custom Falkor cores, is equipped with 60MB of L3 cache and supports six-channel DDR4 memory. However, with Qualcomm changing management, the server CPU project was abandoned.

In recent years, many companies have begun to design Arm-based CPUs, and some cloud server suppliers have begun to customize their own Arm chips. Qualcomm acquired startup NUVIA for $1.4 billion in early 2021 and hopes to use its technology to design new chips, initially targeting laptops for PC platforms, and then expanding to other fields such as servers in the future, and eventually can be used to build high-performance PCs.

According to industry sources, Qualcomm is negotiating with Amazon’s AWS cloud business unit, which has agreed to evaluate and consider whether to use products provided by Qualcomm. It is rumored that NUVIA was developing an Arm chip for data centers before being acquired by Qualcomm.