Qualcomm unveils new integrated 5G IoT processors, robotics platforms, and IoT partner accelerator program

Qualcomm announces the launch of an integrated 5G IoT processor compatible with Android, Linux, Ubuntu, and Windows IoT operating systems, as well as unveiling two new robotics platforms and an accelerator program for IoT ecosystem partners.

The newly introduced QCS6490 and QCM6490 will support advanced features such as 5G global connectivity and geolocation, encompassing applications such as connected cameras, edge computing boxes, industrial automation equipment, and autonomous mobile robots.

The QCM5430 and QCS5430 processors adopt an expandable design, compatible with software-defined IoT solutions, enabling OEM manufacturers of industrial handheld devices, retail equipment, mid-range robots, connected cameras, and AI edge boxes to flexibly select between premium, default, or customized features according to their design requirements, and upgrade later.

Both QCM5430 and QCS5430 processors can simultaneously support up to five camera modules and video encoding capabilities of up to 4K60fps. They can efficiently address machine vision computing demands through low power consumption and advanced edge artificial intelligence processing.

When necessary, edge AI processing can be switched to cloud computing to handle multiple camera connections, allowing manufacturers or users to choose between response time and energy efficiency. All devices equipped with QCM5430 or QCS5430 processors support enterprise-grade security design.

Qualcomm also introduces two pre-configured platform feature packs, including QCM5430 and QCS5430 Feature Pack 1, and QCM5430, QCS5430 Feature Pack 2.

Simultaneously, Qualcomm presents the robotics platforms RB1 and RB2, featuring the new QRB2210 and QRB4210 processors, assisting the robotics industry in creating a new generation of efficient daily task robots and IoT products. Both platforms are optimized for smaller devices and lower power consumption requirements, making them more cost-effective and easier for industries to adopt.

Furthermore, Qualcomm announces the launch of a new IoT Accelerator Program, using its technology to help IoT ecosystem partners achieve commercial success. This program collaborates with embedded hardware designers, independent software vendors, independent component suppliers, system integrators, and ODM manufacturers undergoing digital transformation through Qualcomm, driving innovation in sectors ranging from retail to energy and utilities, as well as fields such as asset tracking, logistics, and robotics.