Tue. Feb 25th, 2020

Qualcomm is working with Google to launch the Google Chrome version for the ARM Laptop

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Although Microsoft firmly believes that the launch of ARM PC with Qualcomm can be favored by users, at present, the simulator-based desktop program does not work well.
For example, running Google Chrome on an ARM PC has severe problems with the card, and some functions may not work correctly at runtime.

I haven’t heard of any developers who are willing to launch a special edition of the software for the ARM PC, but the surprise is that Microsoft’s competitor Google is interested in development.

Qualcomm confirmed that it is working with Google:

The senior director of Qualcomm Product Management confirmed in an interview with foreign technology media that the company is working with Google to launch the ARM PC version of Google Chrome.

Qualcomm said that the company is cooperating and developing with different developers. I believe everyone should be able to see the results of our work in the second half of next year.

However, each developer has the right to decide on their development and release schedule, but Qualcomm is now actively working with these developers to promote growth.

Microsoft does not know whether it is happy or worried:

For Microsoft, the lack of third-party application support has always been a headache. Google’s interest in developing ARM PC particular edition applications is naturally good news.

The desktop programs such as Google Chrome that was initially run on ARM PCs are not good, and users naturally use the Edge browser for browsing.

Unfortunately, Google Chrome is the biggest competitor of Microsoft’s Microsoft Edge browser, so this will pose a threat to Microsoft’s browser.

Via: androidauthority