Tue. Jul 14th, 2020

ProtonMail iOS app is open source project now

2 min read

Encrypted mail service provider ProtonMail announced that it is a fully open-source for its iOS client and has hosted the source code on GitHub using the GPLv3 open source license.

The ProtonMail team said it chose open source because security is their top priority, especially since many dissidents and activists use their services, and to ensure security, their applications use end-to-end encryption and guarantee these applications. All must pass a strictly independent third party inspection. Earlier this year, they hired security company SEC Consult to independently check ProtonMail’s iOS app, which was open-sourced after checking.

Because it believes that open source can bring transparency and greater accountability to the Proton community, increase user trust in platform security, and enhance the team’s commitment to developing safer and more privacy-conscious applications. The ProtonMail team believes that with transparency and the power of the community, it can build a more private and secure application for everyone. The ProtonMail team also said that through open source, users can see the functionality of the application and even build their own applications using source code without trusting the distributed binaries.

At the same time as the source code was released, the company also documented the iOS security model, which helps the public review some of the more difficult-to-understand code found in the application.

If the source code is already open, you can view the error code directly if you want to make money through the ProtonMail bug rewards program. Also, if you’re new to the Swift programming language and are trying to create applications for iOS, then reviewing existing programs and seeing how they work is a great way to improve your coding skills.