Thu. Jul 9th, 2020

Portable Document Format: An Efficient Way to Streamline Your Work

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One of the significant changes that occurred since the rise in technology is the use of different file formats instead of paperwork. Maintaining records and storing documents in large piles was the biggest problem people had to face before the arrival of file formats like doc., docx. And PDF. It made people’s life much easier as it brought many benefits. The most significant benefit of storing your files in these formats is that it can be transferred easily through emails.

However, if you aren’t using these modern facilities, and tend to maintain paperwork, then you might have to face several drawbacks. For instance, using the postal service for transferring data to another person will drain your money and consume several days. Hence, it is essential to adapt to the changes occurring in the world, if you want to give a tough competition to your rivals.

Before using any file format, you should know what benefits and drawbacks it can bring to you. Among all of them, PDF is the secured and most commonly used format as it provides document-level security. Continue reading this post if you want to know how PDF is a better choice than other document formats.

Saves Storage

You might be surprised to know that PDFs have the tendency to save high-quality files in a small size. If you are saving thousands of files on your device in other file formats, then there are chances that the hard disk storage might run out. However, saving files in PDF will save a lot of storage and money that you might spend on purchasing a new device.

Encrypted with Password

Nowadays, viruses and malware are commonly used by hackers to stole important information. It is easy for a hacker to break into your device or emails and take whatever they want or manipulate data. It is essential to protect all critical details to save yourself from hackers. You will be glad to know that only PDFs can be protected with a password. You cannot protect any other file format with a security key. It makes PDF the best format to store confidential details without worrying about any unauthorized person getting access to it.

Compatible with All Devices

If you are sharing files with another person, you might have no idea which device they are using. Their device might not support the file format, and it can result in giving a bad impression to the receiver. Whether you are using MAC, Microsoft, or PDFs, it can be viewed on any operating system. All android and IOS devices also support this file format. Hence, you can use PDF converter tools by available on the internet to convert the documents or images into PDF as it will avoid any barriers to take place.

Formatting Remains Constant

You might have experienced that the Microsoft word document you sent to another person didn’t have the same formatting as it was being viewed to you. This problem can end up in conveying wrong or incomplete messages. However, if you send a document in PDF, its formatting will be exactly the same as it appeared on your screen. Perhaps, you want to print the document or display it in front of the staff; if you are using PDF, its layout will be displayed the way you prepared it.

Embed Visual Content and Hyperlinks

Presentations can look dull and unattractive to the viewers if they contain only text. Therefore, it is essential to add images and infographics to make them look presentable. It might seem a hard task to adjust visual content along with text in the documents, but inserting visual content into PDF isn’t an intricate task. You won’t face any complications while adjusting non-text elements in PDFs, including hyperlinks for references.

Bottom Line

Conclusively, Portable Document Format assists you in many ways as compared to other file formats. It has an extensive range of features that makes them best for the users. You can present the exact layout of your presentation to the clients with PDF as its formatting is never disturbed and saves you from facing any regrets.