Porsche has discussed expanding cooperation with Apple

Porsche CEO Oliver Blume said at a recent conference that the company sent executives to the U.S. late last year to discuss expanding cooperation with Apple and other technology companies. It said it had discussed “exciting projects” with Apple in addition to CarPlay, the in-car entertainment system, but had not yet decided on further cooperation. Many people have speculated whether Porsche’s expansion project is related to Apple’s Apple Car project.

Apple event October 18

However, a person familiar with the matter rejected the speculation of netizens, saying that the meeting between the two parties was only a chance for everyone to get to know each other better and did not involve Apple’s Apple Car project. It is understood that Apple Car includes the use of iPhone to control in-vehicle equipment such as air conditioning, seats, and audio, and Porsche’s current project has nothing to do with it.

Although the news about Apple’s car construction has been circulating for a long time, and rumors from various aspects have been heard, there is basically no definite news. At the beginning of last year, it was reported that Apple and Hyundai Motor were close to the end of the Apple Car cooperation negotiations, and the two sides will sign a cooperation agreement. It is understandable that Apple will enter the automotive field in person. According to statistics, the business scale of the entire iPhone product line is only equivalent to about 2% of the global automotive market, and the gap is very large. Apple CEO Tim Cook also confirmed last year that Apple is developing self-driving technology.