PlayStation 5 sales in Europe were up 202% year-on-year in January

Since Sony launched the PlayStation 5 game console in 2020, it has been plagued by supply problems for a long time, especially during the shortage of semiconductor supplies, the sharp reduction in production has slowed down the sales of PlayStation 5 to a certain extent. Although the market demand has always been high, due to insufficient supply, it can only rank second or even third in the monthly sales rankings.

Sony has been working for a long time to solve the supply side problem, and in recent months, with the demand for semiconductors in the market, it finally found the right time to solve the problem. According to Christopher Dring, head of, PlayStation 5 sales in Europe in January this year increased by 202% year-on-year, which is an astonishing increase.
PlayStation 5 digital Japan
The PlayStation 5’s success has been partly at the decrease of Sony’s rivals, with sales of the Nintendo Switch down 11% and Xbox Series X/S down even more, at 32%, over the same period. According to previous data released by Sony, the global sales of PlayStation 5 game consoles have reached 32.1 million units (ended on December 31, 2022), at the same time, December 2022 is the month with the highest sales volume of PlayStation 5 so far, and it seems that January 2023 may have even higher sales.

According to NPD Group data, PlayStation 5 is also the console sales champion in North America in January 2023, whether it is calculated by quantity or sales amount, however, it is not yet clear how much the year-on-year increase has been, and the rate may not be small. PlayStation 5 sales in the UK are up 98% year-on-year.

Microsoft’s Xbox Series X/S doesn’t seem to be able to compete with PlayStation 5 anymore. Nintendo will launch “The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom” this year, which may boost the sales of Nintendo Switch. But this year Sony clearly has a bigger advantage in game console sales.