Pixel Buds Pro will gain more new features through upgrades

Google has intimated that through the integration of artificial intelligence, devices currently blending hardware and software will be able to harness groundbreaking functionalities. For instance, following the software update for the previously launched Pixel Buds Pro, these true wireless earbuds will employ the attributes of Bluetooth Ultra-Wideband to transmit lucid call packets at higher bandwidths, concurrently reducing latency by 50%.

Beyond announcing that the Pixel Buds Pro will acquire new features via software enhancements, Google has also introduced additional color options for these earbuds: Bay Blue and Beige.

Previously showcased at Google I/O 2023, the real-time translation feature employed by the Pixel Fold, utilizing both its internal and external screens, will now be a staple functionality of the device. This feature allows both the user and their interlocutor to view translations instantaneously, facilitating seamless conversations.

The Pixel Tablet, with its software upgrade, encompasses functionalities such as a revamped navigation interface in the child mode, ensuring younger users can effortlessly toggle between apps. Furthermore, when the Pixel Tablet is docked and the Hub Mode is activated, users can prompt the Google Assistant to play news or podcasts without unlocking the screen.

On another note, Google is extending camera capabilities, clock features, and photo utilities to a broader range of Pixel phones. Devices from Pixel 4a onward, culminating with the Pixel 7 series, are slated to receive these updates, albeit potentially at a slightly deferred pace.

Upcoming rollouts include features like audio recording summaries, intelligent reply functions within the Gboard keyboard, and enhanced clarity for distant digital zoom photography.