Phone Link for iOS is now available to all Windows 11 users

With the release of the preview version of the Phone Link app in March of this year, accompanying the Windows 11 update, the formal version is now fully available, enabling users to sync their iPhones with their Windows PCs using this application.

As for its support features, the Phone Link app, which corresponds to iPhone use, allows for answering iPhone calls and viewing text message content on a Windows PC, or synchronizing contact information. However, compared to the Android version, it falls short in transmitting images, videos, and voice functionality within messages, and it even lacks support for group text messaging.

Windows 11 Phone Link iOS

At present, this function is compatible with iPhones running iOS 14 or later and connects via Bluetooth. Users simply need to activate the Phone Link app, choose iPhone as their connected device, and promptly establish a connection by scanning the QR code with their phone.

Of course, compared to the synchronization between iPhones and Mac devices, which can be quickly accomplished through Handoff or AirDrop for a more convenient user experience, the Phone Link app has its limitations. However, for many Windows PC users, it already provides a convenient way to answer phone calls and view text messages via their PCs. Perhaps Microsoft will continue to incorporate additional features in the future.