Phanteks launches new AMP 850W/1000W Gold fully modular power supply

Phanteks announced the update of its AMP series power supply product line, launching the new AMP 850W Gold and AMP 1000W Gold fully modular power supplies, which can fully drive a new generation of high-end CPU and GPU platforms. Phanteks’ AMP series was developed in cooperation with Seasonic and has obtained 80 Plus gold certification.

The overall size (L x W x H) of AMP 850W Gold and AMP 1000W Gold is 140 x 150 x 86 mm, through the fully modular design, it can greatly reduce the messy connection wire. The 120mm Fluid Dynamic Bearing Fan can be temperature controlled in Hybrid Fanless mode for ultimate silent performance. The 12V output fluctuation of these two power supplies is less than 0.5%, and the output ripple is less than 20mV. In addition, it provides an 18+10Pin connector (for the motherboard 24Pin interface), 5 8Pin connectors (including CPU and PCI-E), 4 6Pin SATA, and D-type power supply connectors, enough for users to expand.

Phanteks AMP power supply has passed the Revolt Pro PSUs, which can ensure 100% compatibility, reliability, and stability. It can be used directly with the Revolt Pro series of expandable power supplies to provide more powerful power to the system.
Phanteks’ AMP 850W Gold and AMP 1000W Gold fully modular power supplies are already on the market and are currently accepting pre-orders at the Phanteks store.