Sun. Feb 23rd, 2020

Pentagon, NSA plan to use AI for cyber defense

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The United States Department of Defense’s newly formed Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC) is creating a framework for the US military’s cybersecurity data, aiming to lay the foundation for future artificial intelligence (AI) network defense systems.

JAIC head Jack Shanahan said the center will work with the National Security Agency, the US Cyber ​​Command and dozens of network security contractors to accelerate the standardization process for data collection. JAIC plans to create a unified process to manage, narrate, share, and store information, and ultimately achieve the goal of using AI to monitor potential cyber threats.

Artificial intelligence

For a long time, the US government and industry insiders have been touting AI’s ability to monitor networks and detect suspicious behavior, but Shanahan said that building these tools requires a lot of consistent training data. Without a standard repository of information, it is difficult for the Department of Defense to train AI to identify normal and suspicious network activity. By using a common framework for network data, the Pentagon is able to provide appropriate training data for AI.

In addition, JAIC plans to launch three other projects in the future, and one of them will focus on applying AI to combat operations.

Via: defenseone