PAYDAY 3 removes Denuvo at last minute before release

In the current milieu of PC gaming, Denuvo stands as a rather prevalent DRM solution. While it might not curry favor with gamers, it undeniably slows the proliferation of piracy. Citing information from PCGamer, the imminent release of “PAYDAY 3” on September 21st has notably declared its intention to eschew Denuvo, a decision that can be deemed quite unorthodox. After all, most games typically choose to relinquish Denuvo between six months to a year post-launch.

Beneath the official, succinct announcement, one might perceive this as a victory for the gaming community. A mere two months prior on Reddit, a vocal cohort of players expressed their discontentment over “PAYDAY 3” adopting Denuvo. This clamor evidently caught the developers’ attention, prompting a swift and decisive response. As of now, the aforementioned announcement has garnered over 1200 endorsements on Steam, earning accolades from the gaming populace.

Beyond impeding modders from altering games, Denuvo’s DRM solution is purported to potentially impair game performance. Based on certain gamers’ empirical evaluations, some titles, post-Denuvo integration, witnessed a surge in CPU workload, which perhaps tarnishes its reputation among players. However, in earlier dialogues, Denuvo’s stewards contested these performance concerns as mere chimeras, even alluding to forthcoming benchmarks to validate their stance.

Yet, one must ponder, sans Denuvo, how shall “PAYDAY 3” forestall piracy? In fact, even during its embryonic beta-testing phase, it became evident to players that the game mandates a perpetual online connection. Ergo, for a title necessitating uninterrupted online access, the incorporation of Denuvo might be perceived as superfluous redundancy.