Pardus 17.5 releases, Debian-based Turkish Linux distribution


Pardus is a GNU/Linux distribution jointly developed by the Scientific & Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK) and National Academic Network and Information Centre (ULAKBİM). It started its life as a Gentoo-based project before developing its own unique identity. Since late 2012 the distribution, developed in two separate branches as “Corporate” and “Community” editions, is based on Debian. This page focuses on the Corporate version of Pardus.

Pardus has open source subprojects that meet institutional needs for easy dissemination in public institutions and organizations and SMEs. Leader Ahenk Central Management System, Viper Identity Management System, Octopus Integrated Cyber Security System, Interactive Board Interface Project (ETAP), ULAKBÜS Integrated University System are the main ones.

In addition to being a Linux distribution, Pardus has become more of a program than a project, with open source and free software prevalent in the public, efforts to develop open source/free software ecosystem in our country. Under Pardus umbrella, original projects are developed transparently and shared with the free software world.


Pardus 17.5 releases.


  • Fixed the usage scenario in many graphical interfaces that the end user encountered.
  • A lot of system performance affecting the package update and optimization was done.
  • Security updates including over 200 packages and patches have been added to the system.
  • The default Internet browser Firefox version was updated to 60.5.1.
  • The default e-mail client was updated to Thunderbird version 60.5.1.
  • The VLC version with the default media player has been updated to 3.0.6.
  • The default office document application was updated to LibreOffice version
  • The Pardus-store version of the default application store was updated to 0.3.1 ~ beta4 and the content management was dynamically editable without the remote update.
  • Predefined input screen shell lightDir-GTK-greeter and communicates with the rear end user management system SSSD has been fixed Errors and LDAP was made with centralized user management system can operate correctly.
  • The installation process was abandoned via the live pop-up system, and only the installation environment was opened and the preference was made to load.
  • LTS label was placed on the nomenclature of the disc molds which will be given long term support.
  • The package follower, in which the difference between Debian from which Pardus is derived and which can be observed live, will be broadcasted at on 11.03.2019.
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