Wed. Aug 12th, 2020

Oregon FBI warning: Smart TVs Vulnerable to hacking endanger user privacy

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With the arrival of the holiday shopping season, many consumers may be considering upgrading some smart devices for themselves, such as Google Nest Home, Amazon Alexa and other smart speakers, or smart TVs with integrated voice assistants. However, the Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Oregon states that as smart TVs play an increasing role as entertainment and control centers, cybercriminals have extended their hands to this area or caused serious violations of user privacy.

Android TV bug

The problem is that in addition to microphones, more and more smart TVs have integrated camera components. Traditional microphones are only used to recognize voice commands, while cameras can be used for user recognition and video chat. Some vendors may provide personalized content recommendations based on this. However, after connecting to the Internet, the privacy and security of the device have been put on the important agenda, because there are countless invisible black hands contaminating the user’s terminal device.

Although the penetration rate of smart TVs with such features is still low, hacking incidents do exist and are not uncommon. At present, the most common privacy risk is data collection. Unfortunately, whether on smart TVs or other IoT products, people have almost no habit of reading the relevant tips carefully.

Via: SlashGear