Wed. Aug 12th, 2020

Oracle plans to migrate OpenJDK’s source code library to GitHub

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Due to Oracle’s changes to the commercial support model for Java SE, Oracle JDK has adopted a paid commercial license since Java 11, and developers who want to continue to use Java 11 for free can only choose OpenJDK. OpenJDK is an open source implementation of Java SE and has no significant technical differences from the Oracle JDK and is currently hosted on Oracle’s Mercurial repository.

In July of this year, the JDK team launched a call for “Project Skara” to discuss how to help OpenJDK contributors improve efficiency and find better alternatives than Mercurial. According to the latest news from Infoworld, three months have passed, and they seem to be more inclined to GitHub. Georges Saab, chairman of OpenJDK’s board of directors and vice president of development for Java’s Java platform, said that if Java SE’s development moves to GitHub, developers will be able to use a large number of automated tools. Also, this is useful for other Java developers outside of the project team, who have access to many of the source code used to develop the JDK.

Saab added that the OpenJDK community would determine the migration, and the estimated time will be when JDK 12 is released in March next year.