OpenGL and Vulkan Benchmark and Stress Test FurMark 2.0 will be launched this month

FurMark, a notably esteemed GPU stress test software, has languished without updates for years. However, since 2022, Geeks3D has been ardently forging a new iteration of FurMark. Internal testing for this version had actually commenced towards the twilight of the previous year, and now they’ve heralded the forthcoming public release of FurMark 2.0 later this month.

Employing either OpenGL or the Vulkan API, FurMark 2.0 offers three preset benchmark resolutions: 1080p, 1440p, and 2160p. Yet, users retain the latitude to freely elect their desired resolution and graphic configurations for testing, a feature in symphony with the initial version.

While FurMark does culminate in a performance score, its principal utility lies in stress testing the GPU. The software has an adept capability to effortlessly propel the GPU to its zenith in terms of temperature and power consumption. Such prowess has led hardware manufacturers to impose various restrictions upon it. Indeed, past power limits on graphic cards were contrived in direct response to this very software. Within FurMark 2.0, a performance score persists, and users can also contribute their benchmark scores to a communal database. However, it’s pertinent to note that the rankings illustrate a vast divergence in scores among different graphics cards, rendering it possibly ill-suited as a definitive metric for graphic card performance assessment.

It’s worth acknowledging that FurMark 2.0, while comprehensive, still necessitates supplementary tools. Integrated within the software are utilities such as GPU Shark, GPU-Z, and CPU Burner, providing a panoply of information regarding the graphics card.

As for the exact unveiling of the software, those whose anticipation becomes insatiable can secure early testing privileges by affiliating with the Geeks3D Discord community. Currently, the most recent iteration of the software is version, which was introduced in the latter part of August.