OpenAI has recently registered the “GPT-5” name trademark

Although OpenAI’s CEO, Sam Altman, recently declared that there were no immediate plans to venture into the training of the next-generation large-scale natural language model, GPT-4, the move to submit an application for the trademark ‘GPT-5’ on July 18th seems to be a strategic measure to preclude others from capitalizing on the name.

The registered information indicates that the ‘GPT-5’ trademark pertains to a variety of functionalities, including text generation, natural language processing, voice transcription, and translation.

Presently, OpenAI primarily concentrates on the application of the GPT-4 natural language model, with ongoing endeavors to advance the application of ChatGPT and extend collaborations with other industry participants.

Although there are no immediate plans to invest in the next-generation large-scale natural language model, this does not imply a slowdown in OpenAI’s pursuit of artificial intelligence technology advancements. In fact, it is plausible that a GPT-4.5, a large-scale natural language model akin to the previously released GPT-3.5, could be launched in the future.