Ohio Lottery Struck by Devastating Cyberattack

On the eve of the Christmas festivities, the Ohio Lottery fell victim to a cyberattack, disrupting several internal information systems. Hackers infiltrated the corporate network, encrypting data and causing disruptions in customer service.

Despite the incident, the gaming system and retail betting continue unaffected. However, the mobile application for prize claims and payouts over $599 has been temporarily halted.

Additionally, information on the outcomes of popular lotteries like KENO, Lucky One, and EZPLAY Progressive Jackpots is temporarily unavailable on both the website and the app. This will inconvenience players accustomed to tracking their winnings online.

PGA ransomware

Nonetheless, customers can still access draw results at retail locations and on the website. Prizes up to $599 are available at any betting outlet in the state. For larger sums, winners must visit the company’s headquarters or complete an online form.

The DragonForce ransomware gang has claimed responsibility for the attack, asserting they have stolen confidential customer and employee data, including over 3 million records of names, surnames, email addresses, residential addresses, winning amounts, social security numbers, and birthdates. The total volume of the stolen data, once unpacked, amounts to approximately 600+ gigabytes.

The Ohio Lottery’s management has apologized to customers for the inconvenience caused. The company’s specialists are diligently working to restore the affected services, and the incident is under thorough investigation.