NZXT and Bethesda have partnered to bring more Starfield gaming products to gamers

In recent years, as one of the few blockbuster titles for Xbox, Starfield has not only been replete with rich gaming content but has also seen numerous collaborative ventures outside of its core gameplay. Drawing from reports across multiple media outlets, NZXT and Bethesda recently announced a collaboration to launch a series of products for Starfield. The first to be unveiled is the custom-designed H5 Flow chassis inspired by the game.

Similar to the standard H5 Flow case, this bespoke edition comes pre-fitted with two F120Q fans on its front panel, with an additional fan at the bottom. Naturally, its most captivating feature lies in its aesthetic design. Elements from Starfield are intricately infused across its front panel, side panel, and even the internal cable shroud, the latter being a personal favorite of mine.

Details remain nebulous regarding the unveiling of other products beyond the chassis. However, NZXT has intimated that the complete product lineup, including the case, will see its debut in early 2024. As of now, the H5 Flow chassis isn’t available for individual purchase but is offered as an upgrade option for NZXT’s “Player: Two” system, specifically the Player: Two | CRFT 12 Edition.

The Player: Two | CRFT 12 Edition is configured with an AMD Ryzen 7 5800X, an RTX 4070 Ti, coupled with 32GB DDR4 3200MHz RAM, and a 1TB NVMe SSD. Beyond the custom case, it’s equipped with NZXT’s proprietary Kraken 240 RGB liquid cooling system. Priced at $1999, it serves as an enticing option for those both enchanted by Starfield and in need of a cutting-edge gaming rig.