NYT Sues OpenAI & Microsoft for Millions of Stolen Headlines

The New York Times recently accused OpenAI and Microsoft of using millions of its articles without permission to train chatbot services.

The New York Times has alleged that OpenAI and Microsoft have utilized its content without authorization for the training of chatbots, becoming the first media entity to lodge such a claim.

Before this, several authors had also accused OpenAI and Microsoft of using their content without permission. The New York Times is now the first media company to formally bring forth such allegations.

According to the accusations made by The New York Times, it is believed that OpenAI and Microsoft have attempted to use the content from The New York Times to train artificial intelligence for free, intending to offer services to the public with this content, thus potentially infringing on copyright.

However, neither OpenAI nor Microsoft has responded to these allegations.

Currently, companies like Microsoft, Google, and Amazon typically train large natural language models using publicly available information on the internet. For example, Google has clarified in its service terms that publicly available information may be used for AI training. In contrast to the practices of most technology companies, Apple appears to choose a paid collaboration with media entities, obtaining authorization to use content for AI training.