Nvidia will release Blackwell architecture GB100 in 2024Q2

As previously reported, NVIDIA has inked a deal with TSMC for the 3nm process, setting the stage to unveil the Blackwell architecture GB100 by the fourth quarter of 2024. Employing a petite chip design and MCM packaging, NVIDIA aims to dominate the data center market, relegating its rivals to the periphery. However, the Blackwell architecture GPU for GeForce graphics cards is anticipated to make its debut in 2025, maintaining a singular chip design.

Nvidia data center roadmap

According to Wccftech, owing to the exponential surge in artificial intelligence (AI) demands and the market’s insatiable appetite for more potent solutions, NVIDIA has made the strategic decision to expedite the launch of its next-generation Blackwell architecture GB100 GPU from the fourth quarter of 2024 to the tail end of the second quarter. Concurrently, NVIDIA has forged a partnership with SK Hynix, opting for the latter’s avant-garde, ultra-high-performance DRAM product, HBM3E, tailored explicitly for AI, to be integrated into the forthcoming B100 compute cards.

Rumors swirl that NVIDIA has been relentlessly accelerating the development of the Blackwell architecture GB100 GPU since June 2023 and by August had received the inaugural batch of HBM3E samples from SK Hynix. Given the intricacies of mass production and quality assurance, SK Hynix is slated to supply NVIDIA with chips for final evaluations in the early vestiges of the upcoming year.

Armed with the prowess of the Ampere architecture’s A100 and the Hopper architecture’s H100, NVIDIA has firmly cemented its hegemony in the AI GPU market, commanding a staggering 90% share. The Blackwell architecture’s B100 is poised to fortify NVIDIA’s paramount standing in the AI landscape further. Insiders intimate that without SK Hynix’s HBM3E, NVIDIA’s B100 compute cards would languish in commercial obscurity. Once the HBM3E meets NVIDIA’s rigorous quality benchmarks, sealing a supply contract becomes an inevitability.

Per NVIDIA’s recent disclosures, the subsequent X100, following the B100, has entered the developmental pipeline, with its anticipated release slated for 2025.