Nvidia is still investigating the 12VHPWR interface and cable issues

Recently, there has been continuous user reports that the 12VHPWR interface of the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 graphics card and its power supply cable has overheated and melted. To this end, NVIDIA officially stated that it is actively investigating the matter. There are reports that Nvidia has notified all partners that damaged graphics cards in similar incidents need to be sent to its headquarters for further failure analysis.

It has been several weeks since the first occurrence of the 12VHPWR interface and its power supply line overheating and melting. Nvidia has not given a specific solution, but more and more similar accidents have been exposed on the Internet.

Recently, Nvidia sent a new official statement to KitGuru, saying that it is still continuing to investigate the damage report. No further details can be shared for the time being, and it will work with partners to speed up the after-sales process.

All parties are still arguing about the specific cause of the damage. Some arguments are even diametrically opposed, and no one can provide a convincing and accurate answer for the time being. Soon GeForce RTX 4080 graphics cards will go on sale, and there may be more players experiencing similar problems.

It has been reported recently that the PCI-SIG organization is considering adjusting and strengthening the 12VHPWR interface, but it is still in the research stage and plans to complete the review before December 6. According to the documents, PCI-SIG designed two new reinforcement schemes, mainly around the separate 4Pin signal line, adding more protection and support around the socket and plug, the connection became more stable, and the 12Pin power supply The interface is completely unchanged. Even so, at this stage, it is impossible to judge whether this method can completely solve the related problems.