PCI-SIG organization considers adjusting and strengthening the 12VHPWR interface

NVIDIA’s new generation RTX 4090 graphics card uses a 12VHPWR power supply interface. The new power supply port is smaller than the 8pin port, and the maximum power can reach 600W. But so far, there have been many cases of 12VHPWR interface overheating and burning, and there have been many discussions on the Internet, but so far the PCI-SIG organization, NVIDIA, and AIC manufacturers have not given a clear statement on this issue.
According to TweakTown, the PCI-SIG organization is considering adjusting and strengthening the 12VHPWR interface, but it is still in the research stage and plans to complete the review before December 6. According to the line’s documentation, PCI-SIG designed two new reinforcement schemes, mainly around the individual 4-pin signal lines, adding more protection and support around the socket and plug, and the connection became more stable. However, the 12pin power supply interface is completely unchanged, so if the current is too high, there is still a risk of burnout.

Previously, Jon Gerow, a power supply expert at CORSAIR, pointed out that the reason for the burnout may be very simple, that is, the connector is not plugged tightly, resulting in a gap between the connector and the socket. This leads to poor contact, and the resistance will increase. Of course, someone jumped out soon and said that he had been plugged in tightly, but it still burned out, so there is no unified explanation for what caused this.