Nvidia GeForce Now Priority members are limited to frame rates below 60fps in some games

NVIDIA launched a new RTX 3080-level GeForce Now cloud gaming service membership level in October. It can use more advanced graphics cards than Priority members to play games, and the picture quality and frame rate are much higher, of course, the price is doubled. If NVIDIA just launches a more advanced member, this is no problem, but many Priority members have found that GeForce Now has begun to limit the frame rate of the game, and there are many games that cannot reach the frame rate of 60fps.

The current GeForce Now membership levels are divided into three levels, the most advanced RTX 3080 level will use the low-latency GeForce RTX 3080 for cloud streaming games which supports a resolution of 1440P, a frame rate of 120FPS, and a game duration of 8 hours per day. It can also be run on Shield TV at 4K resolution and 60FPS HDR at a cost of $99.99 per 6 months. The next level is the Priority membership, which supports ray tracing and 1080P 60FPS for gaming, and has priority access. The cost is $49.99 every 6 months. Free members only have the most basic services, and the game time is only one hour per day.

Recently, Nvidia did adjust the highest frame rate in the GeForce Now Priority member part of the game. Nvidia said that for most Priority members, frame rates above 60fps in more than 1,100 games can be guaranteed. However, there are some games that Priority members use GPUs that run at 60fps are not ideal, so they adjusted the OPS settings to ensure that all Priority members can get a consistent experience. Nvidia will still transmit the game screen at a streaming speed of 60FPS.

Nvidia also gave a list of restricted games, as well as the running frame rate and adding date, which contains two popular games, Cyberpunk 2077 and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.
Via: pcmag