NVIDIA DGX Cloud Revolutionizes Enterprise Access to Supercomputing Resources

Through cloud connectivity, NVIDIA enables all enterprises to access the immense computational resources of DGX supercomputers via web browsers at any time.

With the subscription service called DGX Cloud, any enterprise can obtain the vast computational resources of DGX supercomputers for a starting price of $36,999 per month per instance. This service will initially be hosted on Oracle’s OCI cloud platform, with plans to expand to Microsoft Azure in the next quarter and collaborate with Google Cloud in the future.

Powered by NVIDIA DGX AI supercomputing clusters and NVIDIA AI software, DGX Cloud enables enterprises to connect and use the service through a web browser, boasting the simplest way to access supercomputing resources. Additionally, the subscription model allows for flexible scaling of computational power, streamlining resource deployment expenses.

Enterprises can manage and monitor DGX Cloud workloads by simply opening NVIDIA Base Command platform software in a browser.

Each DGX Cloud instance features eight NVIDIA H100 or A100 80GB Tensor Core GPUs, 640GB of display memory per node, and is constructed with high-performance, low-latency NVIDIA networking technology. This ensures rapid workload adjustment across interconnected systems, allowing multiple instances to function as a massive GPU to meet the performance requirements for training advanced AI.

Furthermore, DGX Cloud includes NVIDIA AI Enterprise software resources, offering an end-to-end AI framework and pre-trained models to accelerate data science pipelines and simplify the development and deployment of production-grade AI.