Nvidia CMP 170HX mine card appeared: The measured hash rate is 164 MH/s

At the beginning of this year, Nvidia announced the launch of the Cryptocurrency Mining Processor dedicated to the use of cryptocurrencies, which is also known as the HX series of cryptocurrency mining processors (CMP). This series is divided into CMP 30HX, CMP 40HX, CMP 50HX, and CMP 90HX corresponding to TU116-100, TU106-100, TU102-100, and GA102-100 four GPUs. In the past few months, various manufacturers have launched products equipped with the CMP HX series. Then there were rumors that Nvidia would launch a mining card equipped with GA100 GPU.

Recently, Zhihu user @Codefordl showed photos of this mining card named CMP 170HX and revealed its specifications. Unlike other CMP HX series mining cards in the past, CMP 170HX is officially built by NVIDIA, not a partner’s product. From the appearance point of view, CMP 170HX adopts a passive heat dissipation structure, and dual-slot thickness, and its shape is similar to the PCIe version of the A100 computing card. The 8Pin external power interface of the CPU is used, and an adapter cable is required.

The GA100 GPU used by the CMP 170HX has only 70 sets of SM, 4480 CUDA cores, a base frequency of 1140 MHz, and an acceleration frequency of 1410 MHz, equipped with 8GB HBM2 video memory manufactured by SK Hynix, the video memory bit width is 4096 bits. In addition, the PCIe interface of the card is limited to version 1.0, with only four channels. In the actual mining test, the Ethash algorithm is used, and the hash rate is 164 MH/s without optimization.