Nvidia CMP 170HX can only be used for crypto mining

In September of this year, NVIDIA CMP 170HX appeared on the Internet. Unlike other CMP HX series mining cards in the past, CMP 170HX is officially built by NVIDIA, not a product provided by partners. CMP 170HX is a dual-slot thickness, not equipped with a video output interface and fan, relying on the server’s air duct to assist in heat dissipation. The shape is similar to the PCIe version of the A100 computing card. It uses the CPU’s 8Pin external power interface and requires an adapter cable.

Recently, Linus Tech Tips got a CMP 170HX and disassembled it. The radiator cover of CMP 170HX is made of aluminum, and there is a copper radiator inside, which completely covers the PCB. The above is equipped with GA100-105F GPU, which is a simplified version of the same GPU on the NVIDIA A100 computing card. Due to the limited supply of CMP 170HX, it is expensive, and it is rarely seen on the Internet.

Nvidia CMP 170HX

In addition, the general software cannot recognize the CMP 170HX, and there is even no public driver. As a result, the actual resale value of the CMP 170HX is not very high. Except for mining, the CMP 170HX can’t do anything else. There is basically no API support related to games, which also eliminates the possibility of users using it in the cloud or virtual machine games. Although the CUDA functions are listed, in fact, Blender cannot be called for rendering.

The GA100-105F GPU used by the CMP 170HX only has 70 sets of SM, 4480 CUDA cores, the base frequency is 1140 MHz, and the acceleration frequency is 1410 MHz, equipped with 8GB HBM2 video memory manufactured by SK Hynix, the video memory bit width is 4096 bits, and the core and video memory cannot be overclocked temporarily. In addition, the PCIe interface of the card is limited to version 1.0, with only four channels.

There is little room for users to adjust. This time the power consumption is reduced from 250W to 200W. In the test, the Ethash algorithm is used, and the hash rate can still be maintained at about 165 MH/s.