NordVPN launches a new eSIM service, Saily

NordVPN, traditionally known for offering VPN services globally, recently announced the launch of an eSIM service named ‘Saily’, touting it as a more secure method of internet access through eSIM technology.

Currently, ‘Saily’ will be available initially in a test phase, accessible through an application-based waiting list for invitations to join the trial. The specific details regarding the official service launch, including the pricing structure and the list of countries where it will be available, remain undisclosed. However, it is anticipated that the service will be introduced before the end of this year.

NordVPN articulated that, while VPN services ensure secure internet access, they do not guarantee the security of the Wi-Fi networks users connect to. These networks may also not provide sufficient and stable bandwidth for internet usage. Hence, the decision to offer an eSIM service was made to facilitate more convenient and secure internet access via mobile networks for users.

NordVPN highlights that ‘Saily’ can be utilized on any smartphone that supports eSIM functionality. The service also enables users to set up their internet connection through software, obviating the need to replace physical SIM cards.

With this announcement to provide eSIM internet services, NordVPN transitions from being solely an internet service provider to a provider also offering mobile internet services.