Sat. May 30th, 2020

Nokia’s mobile devices operated by HMD regain the PureView brand

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At present, Nokia has licensed the mobile device brand to HMD. For the current operation, HMD is very good and has been favoured by users again.

Unlike Microsoft, HMD embraces Android and provides better services. For example, even HMD’s low-end devices can get newer updates for Android.

When Nokia sold the mobile device division to Microsoft, it also included many trademarks, such as the excellent camera shooting experience PureView PureView trademark.

Image: By Lumia930uploader [CC BY-SA 4.0 ], from Wikimedia Commons

Microsoft sold the Pure View trademark to HMD:

According to the latest brand licensing documents, Microsoft’s acquisition of the Pure View trademark acquired by Nokia’s mobile device division has now been transferred to HMD.

PureView – This brand was initially launched by Nokia in 2012. Typical pure-view devices include the Nokia 808 and the sister 1020.

The brand is so valued because of the ultimate shooting experience when most mobile phone pixels were 5 to 8 million pixels at 5 to 8 million.

There is no doubt that HMD is now buying pure landscape from Microsoft. This brand is sure to continue to continue the pure shooting in the smartphone market to promote the ultimate shooting experience.

But will it continue to break through the temporary unknown:

HMD’s ownership of the Pure View brand does not mean that it will return to its leading position in the past, although HMD also employs a large number of former Nokia mobile division engineers.

Compared with the heap of pixels, HMD is more likely to develop new technologies to break through. It has been rumoured that HMD is developing a pentagonal lens camera to improve the shooting effect.

In the end, it is shameful that some manufacturers like to use SLR cameras and studios to pretend to be the deceiving users of mobile phones.

Via: nokiamob