Noctua Releases NH-L9a-AM5 Radiator

One of the most popular cooler brands, Noctua announces a new addition to the NH-L9a series – NH-L9a-AM5 and NH-L9a-AM5 This is a thin CPU cooler with a height of only 37mm, specially designed for the AMD AM5 platform, it is a great choice for a compact HTPC or small form factor (SFF) system. This radiator appeared on the product roadmap updated by Noctua in October of last year. Compared with a large number of product delays in the past, it is not easy to release it as scheduled this time.

The overall size of NH-L9a-AM5 and NH-L9a-AM5 is 114mm x 92mm x 37mm (including the fan), and the weight is 465 grams. The SecuFirm2 installation kit customized for the AM5 platform makes it easy for users to install the system, even on a mini-ITX motherboard with a small space, it will not affect the compatibility of peripheral memory, PCIe devices, and motherboard sockets.

The matching NF-A9x14 fan is controlled by PMW, the speed is between 600 and 2500 RPM (+/- 10%), the maximum airflow is 57.5 m³/h, the maximum noise is 23.6 dB(A), and the MTTF is greater than 150,000 hours. Since the NH-L9a-AM5 is a blackened version, the corresponding fan also adopts a black appearance. In addition, Noctua also comes with NT-H1 thermal grease.

According to Noctua, NH-L9a-AM5 and NH-L9a-AM5 are very suitable for AMD’s just-released 65W Ryzen 7000 series processors, and can easily cope with Ryzen 9 7900, Ryzen 7 7700, and Ryzen 5 7600. Noctua said that the design of this radiator still has a margin, and the heat dissipation performance can reach 130W.
NH-L9a-AM5 and NH-L9a-AM5 are currently on sale, priced at $44.90 and $54.90.