Noctua launches black versions of NH-D9L and NH-L9x65 radiators

Noctua has announced the expansion of its chromax series with the launch of two CPU coolers, the NH-D9L and the NH-L9x65 Noctua acknowledges that many users when assembling compact systems, prioritize not only performance and silence during operation but also aesthetic appeal. These black edition coolers have been eagerly anticipated for maintaining the original versions’ performance while offering a sleek, darkened aesthetic.

The NH-D9L is designed to deliver outstanding cooling efficiency within a mere height of 110mm, making it suitable for mini-ITX builds and 3U cases. Its low-profile tower design sits in close parallel to the motherboard, enhancing the motherboard’s cooling while boasting impressive memory compatibility. The accompanying NF-A9 92mm fan, featuring Noctua’s AAO (Advanced Acoustic Optimisation) frame and flow acceleration channels that are aerodynamically tailored, enables the cooler to perform at its best. With the PWM support and the low-noise adaptor, the fan can operate quietly. The inclusion of the SecuFirm2™ mounting system ensures stable contact pressure and convenience. Additionally, users have the option to attach a second fan to further augment cooling performance.

The NH-L9x65 serves as an intermediary between the NH-L12 series and the more compact NH-L9i and NH-L9a series, with a height of only 65mm, ensuring that it does not overhang the RAM slots. Equipped with four heat pipes and a 14mm thick NF-A9x14 fan, it achieves excellent cooling efficiency while maintaining a quiet operation, making it highly suitable for small-form-factor systems.

Noctua also disclosed the pricing for these new offerings, with the NH-D9L and the NH-L9x65 priced at $74.90 and $69.90, respectively, both accompanied by a six-year warranty.