Noctua and Drop collaborate to launch custom keycaps

In the eyes of many consumers, Noctua is a very good radiator manufacturer, and its various heat dissipation products are very popular. Recently, Noctua has launched a number of cooperation projects with other brands and launched joint products, such as the recently co-branded Noctua version of the GeForce RTX 3070 graphics card with ASUS which uses classic NF-A12*25 120mm fan.

If the cooperation with Asus is also related to the Noctua industry, then the cooperation with keyboard manufacturer Drop may be a bit unexpected. Recently, Noctua and Drop have launched a product called “Drop+MiTo MT3 Noctua Keycap Set”, which provides a complete set and some optional keycap combinations, suitable for Cherry MX mechanical shafts.

This keycap uses beige and brown as the color matching. At a glance, it is known to be the classic Noctua traditional style. Generally, the keycap at the relatively middle position is beige, and the keycap at the opposite edge is brown. In addition to letters and numbers, the keycaps will also have Noctua logos and some fan styles of Noctua. The keycaps are made of double-layer injection-molded ABS material, which is very durable and will not fade easily, and the quality is like Noctua’s heat dissipation product.

This keycap set can be used not only on keyboards with standardized layouts, but also on keyboards with layouts such as 60%, 65%, TKL, HHKB, and Winkeyless. In addition to the basic keycap set, a variety of special keycaps ordered separately, such as Numpad, ISO UK, Colevrak, and Ortho, are also provided.

The series of products are currently available for pre-order on the Drop official website. The price of the Drop+MiTo MT3 Noctua keycap set is $115.