Nintendo Switch is expected to ship 21 million units this fiscal year

It has been six years since Nintendo Switch was released, and it has been selling well since its release. Most of the time, it has maintained a relatively high sales volume. The long-term hot sales even caused shortages in some regions. Such a strong vitality can be said to be unexpected.
Switch SoC T239
According to Bloomberg, Nintendo Switch is expected to sell about 21 million units in the 2022 fiscal year ending March 31 this year. Adding the cumulative global sales of 107.65 million units at the end of the previous fiscal year, it is approaching the 130 million unit mark. Even more surprising, Nintendo is rumored to have informed its supply chain partners that it will increase Nintendo Switch production in the next fiscal year. In other words, starting from April this year, the supply of Nintendo Switch will gradually increase, but the specific target quantity is not yet clear.

Some analysts have questioned the news, saying that although the supply chain has increased, the Nintendo Switch has been on sale for many years, the world is facing a severe macroeconomic environment, and the slowdown in sales seems to be an irreversible trend.